Warranty Registration

Warranties are handled by CycloVac, and registrations may be registered at the following link: Warranty Registration

Lifetime Warranty – Limited

Your Cyclo Vac central vacuum is protected by a lifetime warranty. We guarantee that the unit canister and dirt receptacle will be exempt of any material or manufacturing defect. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase, for as long as you are the original owner, and the system remains at its original place of installation. It is not transferable.

One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

We are certain you’ll be completely satisfied with your Cyclo Vac central vacuum system. For one year following the date of purchase, if the performance of the vacuum unit does not meet your expectations, return it to your local Cyclo Vac service center for a complete refund or credit towards the purchase of a more powerful Cyclo Vac model. This warranty applies only to the vacuum power unit.

Three Year Warranty

Cyclo Vac Recommended Vacuum Attachments

All Cyclo Vac recommended vacuum attachments are guaranteed for three years, subject to certain conditions. If during this three year period, an accessory presents a manufacturing defect, return it to the nearest authorized Cyclo Vac service center along with a copy of your invoice (clearly indicating the attachments purchased), and we will repair or replace the part according to the conditions of the warranty. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of components such as: belts, brushes, rollers and their components, nor abusive use. It is valid only for normal domestic use.

Warranty Conditions

This warranty is valid for domestic use only. This warranty is not a modification but an addition to warranties required by law. The original invoice must accompany any claim relative to this warranty. Any changes or modifications made to the product may invalidate this warranty. Transportation and service calls are excluded. This warranty is not transferable.

Keep all payment records (bill of sale, delivery slip). The date on these records establishes the warranty period. Should warranty service be required, you must show proof of purchase. If proof of purchase cannot be supplied, the warranty period will be determined from the date of manufacture of the product.

Cyclo Vac shall not be held responsible for any consequential, incidental, or special damages arising from the use of this central vacuum.