Carbon Dust Filtration

A first in the central vacuum industry, Cyclo Vac's carbon dust filtration system1 is found on all Cyclo Vac High Efficiency models. It traps that harmful carbon dust produced by the motors, and normally deposited on surfaces around the power unit. Its pleated design provides a substantial filtration surface, allowing for a maximum coverage and filtration durability.

Cyclofiltre with Ultra-Fresh

In addition to the carbon dust filtration system and the electrostatic filter bag, all High Efficiency models are equipped with our unique Cyclofiltre TM which traps the finest dust particles - as small as 0.1 micron. The unique Ultra-FreshTM treatment applied to our Cyclofiltre TM impedes the growth of bacteria and mold, which are common causes of allergies and respiratory disorders. This unique treatment also eliminates odors caused by these micro organisms, and prolongs the filter's durability. So you know the air circulated in your home is as clean as can be!

LED Monitoring System

The light emitting diodes on the system monitor, located on the front of each model of the GX series, inform you when the time has come to change the filter bag and carbon dust filter, or the have the vacuum inspected. The remote monitor can be installed in a convenient location, and provides easy access to this information.


Speed Variation Technology

Because different surfaces call for different power levels, our Speed Variation Hose allows you to choose one of four different power levels by a simple slide of the switch on the hose handle. Convenient LEDs indicate the power level chosen, and flash when the time has come to check your central vacuum's LED Monitoring System.