Using your Central Cleaning System

Operating a central vacuum could be considered child’s play! First of all a conduit system is installed within the walls of your home, with strategically placed discrete vacuum inlets. This conduit system is connected to your central vacuum, generally located in the garage or in an easily accessed storage room. The electrical connections are simple: low voltage wiring runs along the conduits between the inlets and the power unit, and allows for the easy start-up of the central vacuum by simply connecting the hose to the desired inlet.

With the on/off switch on the hose handle, you can start the power unit or stop it without disconnecting it from the vacuum inlet.

An integrated system monitor and the remote system monitor indicate the status of your vacuum unit, so you know when to tend to it.

In addition to permitting the selection of 4 levels of vacuum power, the flashing light emitting diodes on the Speed Variation hose refer you to the system monitor (integrated and/or remote) when the time has come to service the unit.