Traditional Collection

Some things just shouldn't be changed. Discover the central vacuum line that has made Cyclo Vac a world-renowned product. Always as powerful and as quiet as ever, these central vacuums offer triple filtration, including our famous CyclofiltreTM with Ultra-Fresh* treatment: the guarantee of cleaner air in you home.

HE Collection

A revolution in the central vacuum industry. A real technological innovation which completely revolutionizes the central vacuum industry, Cyclo Vac's HE collection is most impressive. Remarkably powerful, quiet, low maintenance, and equipped with the new ultra efficient filtration system, the HE collection will eliminate household dust and other allergens from your home environment, providing a much cleaner air for you and your family. All High Efficiency central vacuums are equipped with a progressive start module, which prolongs motor durability, and the delayed stop, which allows for the complete evacuation of dust from the hose.

The Cyclovac Advantage

In addition to being convenient, reliable and easy to use, Cyclo Vac central vacuums have many special features to offer.

Using components specifically designed to Cyclo Vac's superior quality standards, our products have earned world-wide recognition for reliability, durability, and outstanding performance on all levels.

  • Exclusive motors
  • All-steel unit body
  • Resistant powder paint process
  • Exclusive soundproofing materials
  • Unique triple filtration system
  • Superior workmanship


Easy to Use

With the on/off switch on the hose handle, you can start the power unit or stop it without disconnecting it from the vacuum inlet. An integrated system monitor and the remote system monitor indicate the status of your vacuum unit, so you know when to tend to it. In addition to permitting the selection of 4 levels of vacuum power, the flashing light emitting diodes on the Speed Variation hose refer you to the system monitor (integrated and/or remote) when the time has come to service the unit.

Improve your Environment

Cyclo Vac central vacuums are designed to ensure a healthier home environment. Their unique triple filtration system, includes the Cyclofiltre, treated with Ultra-Fresh* antimicrobial treatment which inhibits the growth of allergy-causing mold and bacteria. This filtration system eliminates dust mites, pollen and other harmful microscopic particles from your living space. The exclusive carbon dust filter ensures an unbeatable indoor air quality.

Simple Installation

Very easily achieved without damage to your home, different installation techniques allow for the integration of a Cyclo Vac central vacuum system in any type of home. You may request the services of one of our certified specialists or accomplish it yourself with the help of our complete installation kits. If you currently have a central vac system and you're looking to benefit from all the new technologies available, Cyclo Vac can easily replace older systems. Enjoying the many advantages of a Cyclo Vac central vacuum system is only a few hours away!