Our primary areas of service, expertise, and product selections.

Best-in-Class Vacuums
Cyclo Vac's HE collection is most impressive in the industry, providing a much cleaner air for you and your family.

Cyclo Vac central vacuums can be installed by one of our certified specialists in existing homes and professional buildings.


We also provide a wide variety of attachments and accessories to suit your needs for home, business, and industrial use.

Multi-Room Audio Systems
We also provide in-house multi-room audio installations, controllable from anywhere in your home.
Built-In Ironing Boards

Featuring durable all metal construction, in-wall ironing boards are convenient and space saving.

Tornado Cloths

Tornado Cloths are a DIY system for cleaning and maintaining your central vacuum! These handy cloths restore peak efficiency.


Improving Technology

For over 50 years, Cyclo Vac has been designing, manufacturing and marketing high quality central vacuums, which have revolutionized the industry. In March of 2006, Cyclo Vac Central Cleaning Systems once again raises the bar with the introduction of their latest innovation: the High Efficiency Collection.

A completely new technology, with a redefined triple filtration system, ultra powerful motors and ultra quiet power units, as well as many other practical functions and characteristics, Cyclo Vac's HE collection will simplify your life and completely redefine the notion of cleaning.

The many attachments available with the HE and Tradition collections make things much easier for you as you can see in the video below of our Retractable Hose System.


A bit of our history

The Cyclo Vac Brand is manufactured in Canada by Trovac Industries, Ltd. It's founder, Jacques Bruneau, in 1960, was determined to design and develop the central vacuum system that would surpass all other competitors. In 1976, the Cyclo Vac brand was launched. The Brand and the manufacturing company, Trovac Industries, are recognized throughout the world as leaders in the central vacuum industry under the leadership of Marc Bruneau. The company continues to stand out against the competition.

Among other distributorships worldwide, in 1997, a distributorship was founded in Wisconsin with Taseen Qadada, launching the business Cyclo Vac Wisconsin, Inc. servicing most of Wisconsin, but mainly the Madison Area and Northeast Wisconsin.

We believe in the quality of Cyclo Vac products and more, customer satisfaction and friendly service, Cyclo Vac Wisconsin has succeeded in accomplishing these standards to present day with the innovative products that Trovac Industries provides.


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